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Backpack Chrome Laptop 17″ internal pocket - Black

Backpack Chrome Laptop 17″ internal pocket - Black

£20.69 Tax Included

  • Comfortable, padded, moisture-wicking and adjustable carrying Straps with Very Resistant Seam
  • USB charging port
  • Extremely tough and durable, main storage compartments host protective, versatile pockets. On the back an Hidden safety pocket
  • Armoured, ultra-protective laptop compartment

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Chrome is a serious and monochromatic style backpack, perfect for every situation, from office life to constant travels, Chrome has the design that fits any situation or need.

Tourer is synonymous of Magix quality.

Specially designed to all your needs.

Chrome is a serious and monochromatic styled backpack, perfect for every situation, from office life to constant travels, thanks to its trolley strap and pocket on the back.

The internal accommodation and USB charging port that in combination with Magix powerbanks will support your devices whenever you need them.

Comfortable and well-upholstered, with extra protection for the computer pocket. Extremely durable and durable thanks to high-quality materials and durable full-length seam straps.

"The design is amazing. Even if it has this minimalistic outline, inside the are a lot of pockets and space. The shoulder straps seam is extreme!"

Magix Costumer
Everything you need in your Chrome backpack
Tourer brings all the comfort, versatility, protection and praticity in one place.

Reasons why choose Tourer Laptop Backpack!

Easily kept over your luggage

Thanks to its support strap, Chrome can be kept easily over your luggage, being an excellent choice if you are looking for a backpack that brings all the comfort whenever you are travelling.

Water Resistant material

Thanks to its incredible anti-humidity fabric you will no longer have to worry about what you carry inside your backpack.

Diverse Compartments and Pockets

Chrome’s diverse and roomy compartments and pockets are amazing to keep everything you need in order.

Completely Foamed and Padded material

Tourer has fully armoured material, completely foamed and padded to protect all your belongs and to be confortable at the daily use.

Frontal Pocket

An extra practical front pocket is perfect for having anything you need in no time.

Strong Zipper Closure

Zippers closure is perfectly seamed and of high quality material, it slides easy to always give you the best experience in your daily activities.

Extreme Seam Straps

Chrome’s shoulder straps have are specially designed for not just an minimalist outline but its perfectly seam makes it more durable and comfortable at the daily use.

USB Charging Port

Chrome contains an USB charging port, that whenever combined with Magix portable power banks will help your devices to be full work along the day.

*Chrome USB Charging Port is completely compatible with any other brand power banks.

Hidden Pocket

An extra pocket completely hidden in the back of your backpack is perfect to carry your wallets and documents. You will have them at the point of your fingers and away of external attention.

Laptop Pocket

Chrome has an exclusive armoured pocket to your laptop or tablet.

*Perfect fits 17″ Laptops.

Magix Quality

As any other product entirely designed by Magix, tourer counts with an extremely high quality material composition that together Magix 12 months WTY, makes our products a really reliable and good choice of buying.

From office life to constant travels,
Chrome is yor BEST CHOICE!