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10 Reasons why choose Magix

Reability and Quality
Magix products go through stringent testing to assure delivery of high quality and reliability. From design verification testing, including accelerated life testing, to extended and industrial temperature testing application testing, and custom test hardware and software for DRAM and Flash characterization. Magix delivers products to stand up to the most demanding environments. Pre and Post sales on-line support and competitive warranties that makes Magix be your best choice to every kind of work and enviroment.
Service and Commintment
Pre and Post sales support, email technical support, on-line support and competitive warranties are just some of many reasons why Magix delivers unsurpassed service and commitment to our customers. Our company believes that the warranty of service and commintment are the keys to support in a 100% of our costumers wether be them private or business ones, our support team will quickly have the best solutions to you.
Professionals Best friend
Magix is the best partner to professionals when it is about offering a large range of memories and acessories that are must to have whenever you are in work mode. Our products are all developed in reason to offer the best quality,and practicality to always keep the top level in the market. Our mission is to offer the best products that will ensure you that you will always have the best moment in hands whenever having Magix products as your work partner.
Safety and Waranty
Magix cares and works hard in Security when developing our products. We count with the bestest technologies of cryptography and data safety avaliables on the market.Assure our costumers that they can count with us is one of Magix objectives.Besides a 24/7 technical support, we also offer an entire year of warranty in the whole range of Magix products. Our work is to ensure that all of our costumers will not just count with Magix as synonymus of quality but also feel safe and sound whenever choosing Magix as products.
We love listening you
We believe that dialogue is the key to a sucessful relationship, that is the reason why we care and loves to listen you Our support team works 7 days a week and will always help you and have a solution to all of your needies and doubts within the maximum of 24 hours. Is our pleasure to help and exchange any kind of experience of our costumers and our products. No matter the time our team will always be here to listen you and share some ideas!
Personality and Creativity
"These 2 words are the keys pieces to every Magix product and projects around the world.All of our creations are made not just with quality and praticity but also with so much personality. Our mission is to increase the creation of beautiful, unique and memorable moments through all of our products. " R.V (Business Strategy and Marketing)
Magix Creative Mind PROGRAM
Magix believes that creative minds not just moves but can change the world! From this, we decided to create our program that supports and sponsors the best creative minds, wether be them professionals or aspiring ones from photography and audio sector. Annually we will choose the bestest clicks, tapes and their authors to becoming part of the select and rewarding Magix Creative mind TEAM.
We appreciate INOVATION
Whenever developing a product or a business strategy we prefer to always put in first place the inovation. We love whenever our team, partners or even costumers brainstorms us with amazing and inovative ideas. We believe that novation is humanity combustive, something essencial and that makes us keeping moving and impulsionate us in direction of more and more discoveries. Feel free and welcome to share your ideas with Magix.We are looking for hearing from you!
Business Opportunities
We have business opportunities that might just fit your expectations or needs.From company partnerships, distribution, reselling, digital influencing, sponsoring or even becoming part of our team, we have rewarding business opportunities and joint grownth strategies to whatever be your need. Have a business proposal? We are happy in hearing from you! Together we are more!

What the numbers says about us

More than 10000 daily sales on Amazon
Positive Feedback 98.5%
Reability 100%
Quality 100%
Warranty 100%
Support Team 100%

"Magix mission is to offer the best products to stand up over the most competitive brands, but to also offer the possibility of a 24h full support team, as long the best warranty in products with high reability and quality that are at the forefront of the technology market."

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